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yoga with my foster mom



(Picture Book)

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This children's non-fiction picture book is about two young girls who learn the practice of yoga while spending quality time with their foster mom. This book showcases appropriate and fun yoga poses for kids and allows kids to use their imagination and to be creative without striving for perfection.


Through their yoga experience, they become confident, strong and comfortable making yoga their own within their physical limitations. This book also includes a yoga poses diagram for mom and both girls and a coloring page activity that promotes girl power, positive body image, and encourages overall health and wellness. 

About the author
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Zoevera A. Jackson

Zoevera Jackson is an entrepreneur, health coach, mentor, and public speaker. She became a foster parent because she wanted to go above and beyond helping children in need. She wanted to become actively engaged in helping to fight the problems of homelessness, mental health, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and poverty. As a foster parent, she not only became a care-taker but she became an instant role model for the biological parents.

Zoevera has served as a foster parent for the past three years with three different foster care agencies and has taken care of three different sets of siblings ranging in age from three to seventeen. Her experience as a foster parent has truly opened her heart and caused her to be more patient, loving, understanding, and perseverant. As a yoga teacher, she enjoys sharing her skill and passion for yoga and meditation with all of her foster children.  

about the illustrator

Janine Coogler-Hudson

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Janine Coogler-Hudson is the CEO of Mobi9Tech, a full service digital marketing agency. She is a talented entrepreneur dedicated to helping small businesses fulfill their visions.

Over the past three years,  Janine created many websites, graphics and implemented various software to help small businesses enhance their productivity. As a graphic designer, Janine was excited to work with Zoevera to produce quality illustrations for the yoga book. She hopes the vibrant colors and artistry help children visualize how yoga can create a bond between foster children and their foster parents. 

Janine is a wife and mother of three children ranging in the ages of thirteen to sixteen. She also homeschools her daughter who is a Junior Olympic Gymnast.

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